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Rachel Knight


Meet Rachel Knight, the realtor who's all about finding your dream home on the ground while also taking flight as a friendly flight attendant. When she's not matching folks with homes, you might just find her up in the air, cruising at 30,000 feet with a safety demonstration that could rival any open house tour!


What's more, her heartwarming story includes being happily married to a mortgage broker, creating a power couple in the world of real estate and financing. With a dad who's been playing the real estate game longer than she's been spelling her own name, you could say she's been immersed in this world since she was knee-high to a for-sale sign. So, rest assured, her real estate knowledge is as solid as her in-flight snack game. With a passion for both helping clients and sharing sky-high adventures, Rachel brings a light-hearted and personalized approach to every real estate journey. Ready to take off towards your property goals?

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Featured Listings

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Frisco: Dynamic city blending innovation and heritage. A hub for sports, commerce, and culture, uniting opportunity and a welcoming community spirit.


Prosper: Where small-town charm meets modern living. A vibrant community fostering growth, family values, & a bright future. Discover Prosper's unique allure.

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McKinney: Embracing history with a contemporary flair. Quaint streets, diverse culture, and a tight-knit community, where past and progress harmonize.

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Contact Rachel

PO Box 1240 | Rowlett, TX 75030 |  Tel: 951-312-0559

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